Out of the 148 wonderful episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, my favorite would have to be Episode 7 Season 4. “Hex and the Single Guy” is probably the funniest of all the episodes. Each and every cast member has at least one very funny one-liner. The show starts off as any other. Hilary’s former fiance, Trevor, has been dead for two months and she is still miserable. It is Halloween night when she suggests that the family go to a seance. The show quickly starts off with one-liners by Geoffrey and Carlton. Vivian says “Thank God Hilary seems to be doing better. For a while there, she just seemed to crushed.” Carlton quickly replies with a “Not as much as Trevor.” For those of you that don’t know, Trevor died from a bungee accident.

Since it’s Halloween, the majority of the cast is dressed up. Will is Dracula while Carlton is MaCaughly Culkin.

After Carlton goes trick-or-treating, the family goes off to the seance. At the seance, the family meets the very odd Scorpious. Will and Uncle Phil exploit his weirdness by cracking jokes throughout the scene. Wills continuous bashing of Scorpious leads to Scorpious placing a hex on Will and whoever he cares about. The hex starts off by getting Uncle Phil  suspended from the bench (he is a judge) for allegedly taking bribes. You can see Carlton’s reaction to the news above.

By the next morning, Carlton’s hair had turned all different colors to where he looks like a snow-cone. Also quite humorous. Then we see Hilary kissing Jazz in the living room. When Uncle Phil attempts to toss him out, like he does in many episodes, we actually see Uncle Phil flying out the door instead. It’s always funny to see Jazz fly out the door, but seeing Uncle Phil is just priceless. The scene can be seen here. Will then goes back to Scorpious to convince him to break the hex. When Will returns to the house, it is completely different. Scorpious is still there but he is dressed normally and there is no sign a seance would ever take place in the house. Will starts begging him to break the hex but Ralph Scorpious has no idea whats happening. The scene then cuts to Will waking up from what was all a dream. He walks into the kitchen all happy that is wasn’t real. Unfortunately for Will, the entire first scene of his dream is starting to happen again. Will tries to stop it but the episode fades out on him screaming. The whole “bad things happening to everyone” style of the show makes it hilarious. The mannerisms of Will in this episode are also great. He tends to make funny faces and run like he has broken legs, but it is very exaggerated in this episode.

For someone that has never seen the show or very little, I suggest watching this one episode to get you HOOKED!

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  1. I remember this episode distinctly for Will singing “Lady Marmalade” at Scorpious after he hexes him. I might have to go back and watch the whole thing for that moment alone. And for Carlton’s hair.


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