Script Breakdown

The first episode of a wonderful series will be broken down for you by scene. I chose the first episode because it was the only one I could get online without downloading 4000 viruses! The first episode did not have many scenes and was greatly concentrated on the A-plot.


1: Will obnoxiously enters house and meets most of family. (A)

2. Will walks around house and meets more of family. (A)

3. Will is decorating room when he meets Carlton. Will jokes with Carlton and prepares for future dinner party. (A->B)

4. Hilary is seen talking with people of party. Phil and Vivian are as well. (B)

5. Will enters in a goofy outfit and begins embarrassing Phil. (A/B)

6. Party sits down for dinner and Will continue to acts obnoxious. (A/B)

7. Will is getting lectured in the living room by different members of family. (A)

8. Will bonds with Ashley. (A)

9. Will searches for bathroom. (A)


Yes…the entire 22 minute episode had nine scenes. The dinner and party scene were 2-4 minutes long! As you can see, the show mainly focused on the A plot and whenever the B plot was present, so was the A.

The A plot was the family trying to understand Will and keep him from being himself.

The B plot was Uncle Phil trying to impress the law firm he has over for dinner.

The two plots mixed together well because it was Will’s behavior that hinders the party.

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  1. oliviaheighten

     /  April 30, 2012

    That’s so bizarre that the entire episode was only 9 scenes! I haven’t seen the Fresh Prince of Belair in years, so I’ve never really taken notice of the plot structure, but it seems very untraditional for a family sitcom.


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