Series Finale

After 148 episodes and six great seasons, a very popular show came to an end. Were tears shed? Maybe, but I won’t admit anything! Here is a very quick summary of one of the greatest series finales of all time.

This is how it ends: Hilary and Ashley move to New York, Carlton goes to Princeton, Geoffrey moves back to England to be with his son, Philip, Vivian, and Nicky move East and sell the house, and Uncle Phil helps Will find an apartment so he can stay and finish his education. It was a great way to end such a popular series. Will is one of those characters you really feel for and want for him to succeed. You can tell the family has grown closer in the past 6 years, and everyone has matured. Philip has come to accept Will like his own son, hence the phrase “You are my son.” That was a bit of a tearjerker. He also really cares for Will and said that Will has really grown up, and has become a man ready to realize his potential.

Sounds like a lot of action in one episode and it would have been if it wasn’t made in to a two-part show. The main aspect of the show is having everyone move on to bigger and better places. Will seems to be the only one that struggles with that but pulls through with the help of the family. For the most part, the finale was more serious than funny. Just when you think the ending is going to end on a sad note, Carlton realizes the family is driving off without him while he was in the bathroom. So Carlton runs downstairs with his pants around his ankles yelling for the family. Couldn’t have thought of a better ending myself.

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  1. johnjaguars

     /  April 27, 2012

    After reading this and seeing when it originally aired, May 1996, it is hard not to think about where Will Smith’s career was. He already had some hit songs, a hit movie in “Bad Boys”, and one of his biggest hits still today, “Independence Day”, was coming out in a few months. This appears to have been the perfect time for the series to end because of Will Smith’s surging career. A Carlton spin-off would have been funny, but the final scene is a great ending for his character.

  2. I love that the series had such a happy ending. This was one of the few series that actually gave itself a proper ending to its story. Its also one of those shows that can leave you wiping the tears from your eyes even though it tends to be so ridiculous. One scene in particular that had me close to the tears was when will had the confrontation with his biological father. Sad stuff!


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